What to do if the reliable machine breaks down? Do not panic: in 20% of cases, you can repair it yourself, in the remaining 80% our technicians will help.

Problems with starting and starting can usually be solved: analyze the symptoms and check the correct operation of the equipment using the instructions. This will allow you to independently determine the cause of the malfunction and, possibly, eliminate it.

Couldn't find out the reason? Not confident in your abilities? Call a washing machine service technician. We remind you that repairs to your trusty washer or dryer must be carried out by a qualified technician!

Since these devices have become an integral part of modern life, urgent repairs of machine that help with your laundry at home are in high demand. Most often, handing over the equipment to a washing machine repair service center for a couple of weeks means serious discomfort. The technicians can repair equipment on site inexpensively, quickly and efficiently.

All our employees have extensive experience and are familiar with the structure of the most common brands of machines. All repairs come with a 3-month warranty.

Let's consider the main causes of breakdowns and methods of their elimination. The most common are:

  • The drum does not rotate

There can be many circumstances of such a malfunction. To begin with, it is worth checking the course of the drum when the machine is off. If it is impossible to turn the drum even with your hands, then, most likely, a foreign object has penetrated into the tank. When it turns out to rotate the drum by hand, and there are no unpleasant sounds, then you should pay attention to the drive belt. It may loosen or even tear.

A more difficult case is a breakdown of the engine or a malfunction of the electronic module of the washer. It is advisable to fix such problems only at the service center, since an unprofessional approach to work can only aggravate the situation.

  • There is no water draining from the tank of the machine

As a rule, there are two reasons for such a breakdown:

- pinched, bent water drain hose;

- the drain pump filter is clogged.

  • Failure of the washing machine cycle

It happens that the machine suddenly starts rinsing several times, or the wash cycle starts several times. The reasons for the failure are:

malfunction in the operation of TEN;

if the water pressure is very small;

clogged water supply hose;

malfunction in the electronics.

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