And it happened exactly when you had already half cooked a tasty roast for dinner ... Do not worry ahead of time, because your roast still has a chance to be on the table and not in the trash can. You just need to contact the technicians who know all the pitfalls in the repair of electric stoves ... We have just such capabilities in Richmond Appliance Repair! All you have to do to save dinner is to dial our number and tell the operator what happened to your stove.

Our technicians will eliminate any malfunctions with the electric stove. After the application for the repair of the oven, our specialist will be sent to you. They will be able to immediately carry out diagnostics, establish the cause of the malfunction and tell you the exact cost of the repair.

What could happen to your electric stove?There are many reasons why your stove could fail. Here are just a few of them:

● Burner sare not working;

● the oven does not heat up;

● the electronic component has burned out. This can happen due to a banal voltage drop in the network.;

● A short circuit has occurred in the area of the heating element;

● Damaged power cord, or a problem with the plug or socket;

● Closed contacts. This can happen if water gets on them;

In this case, the operating instructions will no longer help. It requires the work of a qualified specialist who can make high-quality diagnostics and identify the problem with high accuracy. The technicians at Richmond Appliance Repairwill carry out urgent repairs of electric stoves in Richmond at home, provide receipts and an official 3 month warranty.

But what exactly could cause certain problems? Well let’s dive in. What if one or maybe a few burners do not work? It is possible that the wires have burnt out. There is another reason for it - it could be a defective thermostat or a defective temperature sensor for an individual hotplate. Perhaps, the power regulator is out of order. It is possible that the heating element itself has burned out, or was it an induction coil? What if you are experiencing an issue with the control unit? As you can see, we have only one problem and many solutions. We have not discussed many other issues that could cause a non-working burner. This is why we suggest you seek professional help for the repair.

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