Clients often contact us with a question whether it is necessary to turn off the refrigerator before the arrival of the master? Should we take anything out of the appliance? As a rule, you DO NOT need to turn it off and empty it from food. You need to turn off the refrigerator IMMEDIATELY ONLY IN ONE case, if during defrosting, you accidentally pierced the walls of the freezer with a sharp object. It is necessary to disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply in the event of a complete leakage of freon. During a consultation by phone, the master will clarify the procedure before his arrival.

Some problems are easy to solve with your own hands. Below we give recommendations if the refrigerator:

Loosening the refrigerator transit bolts

Constantly buzzing without disconnecting. If the equipment has recently been defrosted, this is normal - sometimes it takes up to a day of continuous operation to reach the set temperatures. Another reason is that there are heaters or a gas stove nearby, or you have placed the appliance too close to the wall. It is enough to change the location of household appliances for the situation to return to normal.

  • It makes a lot of noise. Check the compressor transit bolts - they may need to be loosened. An uneven floor can also cause noise - in this case, you need to adjust the legs.
  • It freezes too weak or too much - check the set mode, for example, a child could switch it. On old mechanically controlled refrigerators, the knob is responsible for the cooling intensity, and the higher the value, the stronger the cold. Make sure that the door is tightly closed - it can interfere with the slamming of food.
  • Does not turn on. The mains voltage may be too low or the outlet may be faulty. You can check the latter by plugging in another household appliance, such as an electric kettle, into the outlet.

To do this, they have everything they need in their arsenal: professional knowledge and skills, tools and new suitable replacement parts.

As with any other household appliance breakdown, we do not recommend repairing refrigerators yourself. There are frequent cases when after self-activity there are more breakdowns or the device is completely out of order. In such a situation, the repair becomes more time consuming and costly.

You can apply for diagnostics, breakdown prevention and repair of dryers in Richmond by calling the 24-hour hotline or on our website.

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