And it happened exactly when you had already half cooked a tasty roast for dinner ... Do not worry ahead of time, because your roast still has a chance to be on the table and not in the trash can. You just need to contact the technicians who know all the pitfalls in the repair of electric stoves ... We have just such capabilities in Richmond Appliance Repair! All you have to do to save dinner is to dial our number and tell the operator what happened to your stove.

Our technicians will eliminate any malfunctions with the electric stove. After the application for the repair of the oven, our specialist will be sent to you. They will be able to immediately carry out diagnostics, establish the cause of the malfunction and tell you the exact cost of the repair.

What could happen to your electric stove?There are many reasons why your stove could fail. Here are just a few of them:

● Burner sare not working;

● the oven does not heat up;

● the electronic component has burned out. This can happen due to a banal voltage drop in the network.;

● A short circuit has occurred in the area of the heating element;

● Damaged power cord, or a problem with the plug or socket;

● Closed contacts. This can happen if water gets on them;

In this case, the operating instructions will no longer help. It requires the work of a qualified specialist who can make high-quality diagnostics and identify the problem with high accuracy. The technicians at Richmond Appliance Repairwill carry out urgent repairs of electric stoves in Richmond at home, provide receipts and an official 3 month warranty.

But what exactly could cause certain problems? Well let’s dive in. What if one or maybe a few burners do not work? It is possible that the wires have burnt out. There is another reason for it - it could be a defective thermostat or a defective temperature sensor for an individual hotplate. Perhaps, the power regulator is out of order. It is possible that the heating element itself has burned out, or was it an induction coil? What if you are experiencing an issue with the control unit? As you can see, we have only one problem and many solutions. We have not discussed many other issues that could cause a non-working burner. This is why we suggest you seek professional help for the repair.



What to do if the reliable machine breaks down? Do not panic: in 20% of cases, you can repair it yourself, in the remaining 80% our technicians will help.

Problems with starting and starting can usually be solved: analyze the symptoms and check the correct operation of the equipment using the instructions. This will allow you to independently determine the cause of the malfunction and, possibly, eliminate it.

Couldn't find out the reason? Not confident in your abilities? Call a washing machine service technician. We remind you that repairs to your trusty washer or dryer must be carried out by a qualified technician!

Since these devices have become an integral part of modern life, urgent repairs of machine that help with your laundry at home are in high demand. Most often, handing over the equipment to a washing machine repair service center for a couple of weeks means serious discomfort. The technicians can repair equipment on site inexpensively, quickly and efficiently.

All our employees have extensive experience and are familiar with the structure of the most common brands of machines. All repairs come with a 3-month warranty.

Let's consider the main causes of breakdowns and methods of their elimination. The most common are:

  • The drum does not rotate

There can be many circumstances of such a malfunction. To begin with, it is worth checking the course of the drum when the machine is off. If it is impossible to turn the drum even with your hands, then, most likely, a foreign object has penetrated into the tank. When it turns out to rotate the drum by hand, and there are no unpleasant sounds, then you should pay attention to the drive belt. It may loosen or even tear.

A more difficult case is a breakdown of the engine or a malfunction of the electronic module of the washer. It is advisable to fix such problems only at the service center, since an unprofessional approach to work can only aggravate the situation.

  • There is no water draining from the tank of the machine

As a rule, there are two reasons for such a breakdown:

- pinched, bent water drain hose;

- the drain pump filter is clogged.

  • Failure of the washing machine cycle

It happens that the machine suddenly starts rinsing several times, or the wash cycle starts several times. The reasons for the failure are:

malfunction in the operation of TEN;

if the water pressure is very small;

clogged water supply hose;

malfunction in the electronics.



Clients often contact us with a question whether it is necessary to turn off the refrigerator before the arrival of the master? Should we take anything out of the appliance? As a rule, you DO NOT need to turn it off and empty it from food. You need to turn off the refrigerator IMMEDIATELY ONLY IN ONE case, if during defrosting, you accidentally pierced the walls of the freezer with a sharp object. It is necessary to disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply in the event of a complete leakage of freon. During a consultation by phone, the master will clarify the procedure before his arrival.

Some problems are easy to solve with your own hands. Below we give recommendations if the refrigerator:

Loosening the refrigerator transit bolts

Constantly buzzing without disconnecting. If the equipment has recently been defrosted, this is normal - sometimes it takes up to a day of continuous operation to reach the set temperatures. Another reason is that there are heaters or a gas stove nearby, or you have placed the appliance too close to the wall. It is enough to change the location of household appliances for the situation to return to normal.

  • It makes a lot of noise. Check the compressor transit bolts - they may need to be loosened. An uneven floor can also cause noise - in this case, you need to adjust the legs.
  • It freezes too weak or too much - check the set mode, for example, a child could switch it. On old mechanically controlled refrigerators, the knob is responsible for the cooling intensity, and the higher the value, the stronger the cold. Make sure that the door is tightly closed - it can interfere with the slamming of food.
  • Does not turn on. The mains voltage may be too low or the outlet may be faulty. You can check the latter by plugging in another household appliance, such as an electric kettle, into the outlet.

To do this, they have everything they need in their arsenal: professional knowledge and skills, tools and new suitable replacement parts.

As with any other household appliance breakdown, we do not recommend repairing refrigerators yourself. There are frequent cases when after self-activity there are more breakdowns or the device is completely out of order. In such a situation, the repair becomes more time consuming and costly.

You can apply for diagnostics, breakdown prevention and repair of dryers in Richmond by calling the 24-hour hotline or on our website.


Samsung Dryer repair in Richmond

The clothes that hang all around the house after washing do not attest to the apartment's most aesthetic appearance. Therefore, drying machines have gained popularity. It is enough to load well-wrung laundry into the drum, and after a while it will be dried and steamed.

Many modern stay at home spouses can no longer imagine their life without a drying machine, but every appliance is capable of failing. Repair of tumble dryers should not be done on your own, in order to avoid the possibility of having even greater problems. The restoration of such equipment should be entrusted to professionals. Richmond Appliance Repairand its experienced specialists will quickly and efficiently carry out diagnostics and repairs of the drying machine in Richmond at your home, as soon as possible reaching any area of the city.

A tumble dryer is a very useful appliance in the household. It helps out when you need to dry things quickly, put them on immediately and go about your day. It also significantly saves space that would be occupied by things drying on ropes or a dryer. It definitely makes the owners' life more comfortable. However, even high quality tumble dryers fail over time.

Types of breakdowns in drying machines

The most common types of malfunctions:

● problems turning on (turning off);

● screech yorth umblingnoises;

● lack of heating (does not dry);

● thermal protection actuation;

● lack of drum rotation.

What can be done:

  • You can always try to fix the problem yourself. But without experience, such repairs often end in failure.
  • Contact the official representative of the brand of technology. In this case, the client will have to deal with the delivery of the dryer to the service center, which usually requires quite a lot of time.
  • Repair your tumble dryer at home by calling a professional technician.

Richmond Appliance Repair offers qualified repair of drying machines in Richmond and area. Working with us, the client can be sure of the guaranteed high-quality work of the technician at a reasonable price.

Your convenience is a top priority for us: you no longer need to worry about transportation or spending extra money on transportation of bulky equipment to a service center. We offer home services only from qualified professionals with extensive practical experience. Long-term practice of the technicians allows us to guarantee high speed and quality of work.

All you need to do is dial our number or send us an email.


Samsung dishwasher repair in Richmond

The development of technology allows us not only to conquer the vastness of space, but also to save us from daily manual labor. Household appliances are designed to reduce to a minimum the time of hassle around the house and free it up for more enjoyable activities. The use of dishwashers also made the housewives' dream come true and saved them from having to wash mountains of dirty dishes every day.

Daily use, hard water, wear on machinery, power surges and many other factors negatively affect kitchen appliances and can damage the dishwasher. Due to the complex technological device and structural features, a high-quality repair of a dishwasher in Richmond with a guarantee can only be performed by a professional master.

Although the dishwasher makes our life much easier, do not forget that it also requires regular maintenance and careful handling. To use it, you need to use only special detergents, it is advisable to install a filter before supplying water, and electricity should be supplied without surges. If these minimum rules are not followed, as well as due to physical wear of parts or mechanical damage, it may be necessary to promptly repair the dishwasher in Richmond at home. Our experienced craftsmen will help you with this.

Some of the most common signs of a dishwasher include:

  • The dishwasher does not turn on
  • In the dishwasher, the water does not heat up or, on the contrary, overheats
  • The dishwasher drain does not work
  • Dish drying does not work
  • The body of the dishwasher is electrified
  • Dishwasher water leaks and more

It is very important to correctly identify the malfunction before proceeding with the repair. The procedure of free diagnostics of the dishwasher helps us to do this quickly and efficiently. Only after agreeing on the repair procedure and its cost with the customer, our masters begin to carry out professional repairs to the dishwasher. In our work, we use only original parts, which are also covered by the warranty, as well as all services provided.

Possessing all the necessary tools, equipment and many years of experience, our masters will carry out an inexpensive repair of the dishwasher so that it will serve you faithfully for more than one year.

If you find any problems in the functioning of household appliances, we recommend that you do not delay the maintenance and call the wizard right now by phone, which is indicated on the website. Timely repairs will help prevent the development of more complex problems and save the dishwasher from premature disposal.

Samsung appliance repair

Samsung appliance repair

While coveted for their efficiency standards and their reliability Samsung appliances provide notoriously difficult challenges when it comes to their restoration, so when you’re in need of an expert Samsung appliance repair service you know that the team at Richmond Appliance Repair has your back! When faced with these restorations on their own, our clientele has found that more often than not it’s way too tricky and time consuming to deal with by themselves, but with the right team of specialists these restorations can be seamless and effective! The body of work we’ve put in with each restoration we’ve come across over the years has given us a clear idea of the qualities of a restoration that our clientele greatly appreciates and look for when finding the right people to service their appliances.

What we do:

• Our skills in communicating with our clientele over the course of their Samsung appliance repair services is second to none in the industry, giving our clientele the advantage of being kept in the loop regarding their restorations. Everything from the potential costs to scheduling is discussed with our clientele, keeping in mind their questions and concerns and always addressing these issues right up front.

• Transparency in the process in one thing when it comes to Samsung appliance repair services, but actually being equipped with the right tools and knowledge is also paramount. We give our specialists a key advantage by ensuring they’re properly schooled in the world of appliance restorations, as well as given all the essential industry standard tools they’ll need to be able to deftly solve any problem ailing your Samsung!

What our specialists have gained over countless successful Samsung Appliance Repair services is a feel for what our clientele love to see when dealing with these kinds of services. We’re always eager for that next project, so give us a call when your Samsung needs a restoration!